Background Research

Texts on Communicative Practice, Performance, Epistemics and Pragmatics:

• Austin, J. (1962) How to Do Things with Words, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press.
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Easy reading, practice-oriented texts on creating written documents and presentations that are nevertheless based on intelligently begotten empirical insight.

• Pinker, S. (2014) The Sense of Style, New York: Viking.
• Kosslyn, S. (2010) Better PowerPoint: Quick Fixes Based on How Your Audience Thinks, New York: Oxford University Press.
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Easy-reading, practice oriented work on working with the voice as an expressive medium.

• Linklater, K. (2006) Freeing the Natural Voice, New York: OpenDrama.

Empirical Works on the Causal Powers of Non-Verbal Communications.
Facial Action Unit Dynamics

Gaze Dynamics

Pupillary Dynamics

Gestural landscape and body language

Posture Statics and Dynamics

Voice Signal variables

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